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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  August 1, 2012 8:00pm-9:00pm PDT

8:00 pm thanks good night from washington, d.c. and keep it right here on fox news most powerful name in news. we'll see you tomorrow night 10:00 p.m. eastern. with mr. bill. >> bill: the o'reilly factor is on. tonight: >> i don't believe a company that speaks out against gay rights in our country today should have the opportunity to operate in the state of washington. >> opponents of gay marriage fighting back to those who want to ban chick-fil-a. even as some black antigay pastors criticize president obama. >> for the president to bow to the money as judas did jesus christ is a disgrace and we are ashamed. >> bill: a special report on playing chicken with gay marriage. >> they are going after comedians in clubs, glad or different organizations just because you are a comic doing stand up act in a comedy club.
8:01 pm
>> bill: comedics angry criticized by the left for making fun of president obama. adam corolla will have some thoughts. >> does one finger count as doing the wave? >> bill: espn analyzes my rendition of the wave. >> i think he was having fun with it. i hate the wave. i hate the wave. so i am with him on this. >> bill: we'll update a story that is vital to the nation. caution, you are about to enter the no spin zone. the factor begins right now. >> bill: hi, i'm bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us tonight. playing chicken with gay marriage. that is the subject of this evening wants talking points memo. chick-fil-a is a fast food chain headed up by religious man dan cathy. he believes marriage should be
8:02 pm
between a man and woman and has stated that publicly. >> i think we are inviting god's judgment on hour nation when we shake our fist at him and say we know better than you what constitutes a marriage. pray god's mercy on our generation that has such a prideful arrogant attitude to think that we would the audacity to try to redefine what marriage is all about. >> bill: well, in response, a culture battle has broken out. the mayors of boston, chicago, and san francisco are saying they don't want chick-fil-a restaurants in their cities. they can't stop them, but the rhetoric makes t difficult for a public business to operate in safety. in fact, san francisco mayor ed lee said on twitter, quote: closest chick-fil-a is 40 miles away and i strongly recommend they not try to come any closer. well, that sounds like a threat, does it not? former arkansas governor and current fox news host mike huckabee is leading a campaign to have folks buy stuff at the
8:03 pm
restaurants to counter the anti-chick-fil-a movement. obviously, the issue of gay marriage continues to divide americans. now the democratic party has made it part of their convention platform. calling for legalized gay marriage nationwide. the democrats will convene in charlotte, north carolina, a state that voted down gay marriage in may. but no matter how he feel about the issue, respect should be brought to the debate. mr. cathy is entitled to his opinion and his company is entitled to donate money to promote keeping traditional marriage as the legal standard. mayors image and lee are also entitled to state their pro-gay marriage opinions but they do the country disservice by trying to harm mr. cathy's business. organized economic retaliation is not what america is all about. if you don't like dan cathy, don't buy his product. talking points is fine with that. but to pressure others to think like you is wrong. the free marketplace should be just that both products and
8:04 pm
ideas should be openly displayed without threats of any kind. but today the haters and exploiters have center stage and they're doing damage to the nation. nobody forces anybody to buy chicken. the company wants to sell chicken in boston or francisco,d politician should be trying to hurt that business because they disagree with the politics of management. marriage is not a civil right. and until the supreme court rules that it is, which is doubtful, no bias charge is valid. people of good conscious stands on both sides of the issue and their opinions should be respected. that's the memo. now for the top story tonight, reaction. joining us from washington michelle fields reporter for the daily caller web site. dave reuben radio talk show host guy on sirius xm. you say. >> happy chick-fil-a approach yea day. another important day that has been brought to us by our politicians making a lot out of nothing is what i first say. >> bill: it's not nothing when you have got three big city mayors saying they don't want this restaurant concern in
8:05 pm
their city so why isn't it valid for the other side to say, hey, we are going to help them out by buying their stuff today? >> first off, i'm a comedian so on the base of this i believe in free speech. and i believe that dan cathy is welcomed to say what he wants. >> bill: okay. >> i believe that the gay community at the same point is welcome to say what they want so if they want to jump on social media. if they want to boycott his restaurant. >> bill: no problem owe posing mr. cathy's point of view. problem is, public policy, these guys threatening the company. >> so there are issues related to the mayors in these towns. so in philadelphia and boston if those mayors want to put their butts on the line and say i do not want chick-fil-a here. i actually honor them for having a stand. that's what we want all the time. isn't that what what we want. >> bill: do you aurn that kind of. >> isn't that what you want. >> bill: i don't want fascism. >> if they believe that they are taking the risk. >> bill: turning said what he believed. joseph stalin said what he
8:06 pm
believed. do i want politicians saying crazy fash shut stuff? no. it's fash inch for these guys to say you can't come into my town if i disagree with your political view. that's. >> chicago is a different situation. >> bill: image chicago politics will be whole another segment. the philly and boston situation i give those guys credit for at least taking a stand. they can't stop chick-fil-a. >> bill: give politicians all over the world credit for taking a stand. mahmoud ahmadinejad wants to kill all the jews. that's an honest opinion on his part. let's give him some credit. come on, think about it. michelle, go. >> look, politicians don't get to decide which opinions are appropriate and then use the power of the state to enforce
8:07 pm
those. economic coercion is no way to try to convince someone to believe in certain values or certain beliefs. if anything, these politicians, if they had common sense, would be begging chick-fil-a to be opening restaurants in their area so that their constituents can have jobs. 8% unemployment right now. that should be the focus. employment and the economy. >> bill: look, michelle. these guys have a right to play to their constituency, all right? image, lee, they are liberal guys. minino -- they play to that. this is all posture. gamesmanship. we know why they are doing what they do. and they have a right to do that, by the way. these three mayors have a right to say -- >> -- they don't have a right. >> bill: i'm not going to buy their chicken because i don't like the way they stand. look, if george soros opens a business, whatever he is selling i'm not going to buy because i don't like his point of view and i don't want to line his pockets.
8:08 pm
so i'm completely, completely okay with any american saying i'm not going to buy this chick-fil-a stuff. >> if a politician is saying that they are not going to grant a permit to that business. >> bill: that's fascism. >> chick-fil-a employs thousands and thousands of people. you are not hurting the ceo. you are hurting the little people. >> bill: here is what i want now. i want the mayors of boston san francisco and chicago to boycott african-americans, you know why? roll the tape. >> the time has come for a broad-based assault against the powers that be that want to change our culture to one of men marrying men and women marrying women. for the president to bow to the money as judas did for
8:09 pm
jesus christ is a disgrace and we're ashamed. >> i bet you a thousand dollars you will not hear a word out of the mayors based on that reverend's point of view. >> i'm glad you brought that clip into the fray here. because if this issue was about an owner of a chain who was against black people or against jewish people, do you think sarah palin would go out of her way. >> restaurant take a picture there? >> bill: what the reverend just said and what dan cathy just said are exactly the same. okay? you are not going to hear the mayors say anything about that reverend at all, ever. why? >> because they are african-american and they need their vote. >> bill: wait, michelle, go ahead. >> i can't speak for them but i think it's very obvious that people like mike huckabee and rick santorum and sarah palin are clearly using this as a wedge issue as has been used many times before. i can't tell a reverend what
8:10 pm
to say or what to believe. >> bill: ban the reverend from coming in to speak. >> bill: michelle, wait. >> i didn't say i was for the ban in the beginning. when we dan this discussion i believe that those politicians are are allowed. >> bill: go ahead, michelle. >> now, he is saying that he can't tell a reverend what to say or what not to say but when it comes to an owner of a restaurant then certainly we can coerce them into believing in something. that's how liberals think. >> bill: no, but look. >> economic coercion, come on. you are basically coercing him. >> putting money against gay marriage. marriage quality, dan cathy. >> bill: right. >> is he using economic coercion of his own. >> bill: no he is not. it's his money. >> it's his money but where did he make his money. he makes his money buying chicken sandwiches. >> bill: don't buy it. >> i agree. i don't buy it. >> bill: he has the perfect right to do what he wants with his money. >> everyone that's an ally in the gay community has a right to not eat his chicken which is probably the healthiest
8:11 pm
thing you could do. >> bill: good debate. next on the run down, florida, ohio and pennsylvania swinging over to mr. obama? dick morris on that. later, mocking the president. lovitz, carlie and carolla lovitz, carlie and carolla will weigh in on a this is new york state. we built the first railway, the first trade route to the west, the greatest empires. then, some said, we lost our edge. well today, there's a new new york state. one that's working to attract businesses and create jobs. a place where innovation meets determination... and businesses lead the world. the new new york works for business. find out how it can work for yours at
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for a golf getaway. double miles you can actually use... but mr. single miles can't join his friends because he's getting hit with blackouts. shame on you. now he's stuck in a miniature nightmare. oh, thank you. but, with e capital one venture card... you can fly any airline, any flight, any time. double miles you can actually use. what's in your wallet? alec jr? it was a gift. >> bill: in the impact segment tonight, new poll by
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quinnipiac, cbs and the "new york times" good news for president obama. among likely voters in florida the president leads mitt romney 51, 45. in ohio, obama 50, romney 44. appeared in pennsylvania, obama a 3, romney 42. in order to win the presidency, florida and ohio are considered vital to governor romney. joining us now from indianapolis with analysis dick morris the author of the big new book "screwed" i'm surprised with pennsylvania and ohio. florida i think the president will carry. were you? >> it's a lousy poll, bill. it has 8 or 9% more democrats in florida, for example, than republicans. whereas in, in fact, there are about heaven republicans have an edge. it's the only poll that has obama over 50 in those states. ppp, which is a democratic polling firm overtly just published a poll two or three days ago, 48, 47 obama in
8:15 pm
florida. it's just a bad poll. every other poll in the florida has connie mac the republic even or ahead of nelson the democrat. this poll has nelson up by 7. i think the pennsylvania numbers might be right but the others are just ridiculous. >> bill: so, in florida, you are saying that among those polled, it was 8% more democrats than republic, correct? >> yeah, right, right. >> bill: in ohio do we know what the split was. >> 6 to 8% more in all three of those states. >> bill: is that a random thing or is that by design? did they want to juice the poll? >> no. it's a random thing. >> bill: it's a random thing. >> i wouldn't say juicing it. >> bill: they didn't have on the top headline. >> no, they are pretending its accurate. i don't think they are biased in that respect. i just think it's a lousy poll. it's a terrible poll. >> bill: okay. do you believe that senator -- that president obama is gaining some momentum because, in the same poll, it has a
8:16 pm
very wide swing, much more than 8 or 6% of the recipients saying that we want the rich to be taxed at a higher rate. that's what the poll attributes to obama's success. do you believe that? >> you take a democratic -- no, you take a democratic poll and you will get a democratic conclusion. i do believe that most people would like to see the rich taxed more. i don't think they believe romney is a bad guy or in favor of the wealthy. and i don't think that that's going to be a voting issue for them. i am quite confident that romney is clearly going to carry florida. i think he is going to carry ohio. and i think he has a very good shot at carrying pennsylvania. >> bill: all right. but you have a rooting interest on the other side. see, i can't see how it's possible democratic machine in pennsylvania. >> pollster. still in 2010, in 2010, the republics won the governorship, the house, the senate, the us senate seat and
8:17 pm
five house seats. that's not a great democratic machine there. >> in pennsylvania you are talking about? >> yeah. >> okay. >> probably was the single state that swung more republic than any other except maybe for ohio. >> bill: now, the machines in florida and ohio are republic machines, john kasich, our old pal is the governor of ohio. did a good job, unemployment is coming down there. and in florida, the republics do control it as well. how much does that matter? how much does it matter? >> not a whole lot. >> bill: no? >> i think that it's basically a national campaign that falls out. i do not see any momentum for obama. in fact, i see quite the contrary. obama spent $100 million that he can't replace trying to convince the country that romney is an elite tus big who doesn't care about the average person. they have not dented him. in the last gallup poll they said do you think romney's experience at bain and in the private sector will help or hurt him in creating jobs?
8:18 pm
and solving the economy? it was 62% to 24%. it will be helpful in that regard. this is not a rooting interest. obama simply failed to make his case. >> bill: all right. now the against is coming up at the end of august for the republicans first week in september for the democrats. it doesn't seem to me that they are going to be widely watched on television. you know, it's pretty predictable on the democratic side almost the same scenario that it happened in denver. a big stadium speech. president obama. bill clinton is going to be up there. but i just can't imagine people engaging on that. on the republic side, the drama is the v.p. now, number one, i don't think they are going to announce vp until the convention just like palin in saint paul because that's the only reason people would watch that do you agree? >> yeah, i agree. >> bill: so they are going to postpone for another four weeks and on the vp side you still think senator rubio would do the best for mitt
8:19 pm
romney, correct? >> yeah. i do. i always have. being both latino, conservative, and from florida. but i have done a bit of a journey on this one. i heard a lot of scuttlebutt about sandals in rubio's past and investigations of him and being mixed up with corruption in the florida legislature. so for the last week i have really investigated. i have spoken to awful of the reporters. i have spoken to some of the original sources and i have satisfied myself there is nothing there. i have a column on my web site right now where there is smoke there isn't always fire. the main stuff is that he -- the allegations that he might be connected with the guy he hand picked to succeed him as house speaker who is currently convicted of corruption. but there is no evidence that he is involved in any of that close friend under close scrutiny living off a republic credit card for a decade.
8:20 pm
rubio did charge 100,000 bucks on that card. the u.s. raised eyebrows about it refunded 16,000 and says the rest is legit and irs. florida commission ethics also cleared rubio of wrongdoing. >> four days ago. >> i'm wondering how the young senator withering. it is going to be brutal. whoever the nominee is going to be are going to get it by the media the second to romney. but, he is going to get it most of all. give you the last word. >> well, i think he will be okay. i think that that was not an easy campaign he won in florida. there are some minor issues that remain. he took 200,000 in campaign tricks contributions. he shouldn't have. he paid a fine. hillary did far worse than that he double billed on 9 plane trips but he paid it back. i think this is all nickel and dime stuff. i think if romney wants to
8:21 pm
nominate rubio and he should, then i think he should go ahead and do it. i think he is being killed by rumor and i don't think that's appropriate. there is no substance here. >> bill: thank you, dick. the man accused of holding up jessica's law in new jersey will enter the no spin zone. and then, we continue with some of the strangest moments in factor history. don't miss this one tonight. you will like it. those reports after these messages.
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>> bill: fact for follow up segment tonight if you rape a child under 13 the mandatory prison term is 10 years in new jersey and can be out for 8 and a half for good behavior. i think that's far too less. there is a proposed new law that would make that happen. new jersey has been slow in passing that.
8:25 pm
with us is state senator joe sweeney who has been accused of delaying the new law. i'm glad you came in here. i want you to set the record straight if we have been unfair to you. the fact of the matter is that 2005 florida passed jessica's law because of jessica lunsford that poor 10-year-old little girl. it's now 12. 7 years 43 states have jessica's law but you guys don't. >> i wasn't the leader when the bill was introduced back in 2005. but i was in front of the curve in 2004 because i actually proposed a bill to put g.p.s. tracking systems on sexual predators to prevent what happened to that poor young lady down in florida. i believe in this. i'm a sponsor of the bill. and as the senate president i'm going to get it passed. >> bill: all right. we're happy that you are going to get it passed but you can -- i used to live in new jersey and i love this state. but i don't know why it takes seven years to protect the kids. in the meantime, this is just a partial rap sheet of poor children who have been raped and guys are getting out. ey got, you know, five
8:26 pm
years, 8 years. and the case in new york that you know we're talking about two years. i mean, i don't know why it took seven years for you guys to get to this point, why? >> it shouldn't take seven years. it took me three years to get the g.p.s. >> bill: bill why? who is holding it up. >> there is a whole bunch of factors that go into legislation. i'm a union iron worker. i'm not a lawyer. sometimes you get frustrated by the process that takes place in doing legislation. it shouldn't take seven years. i wasn't the senate president back in 2005 when it was introduced. this is a no brainer. we are moving the bill forward. more progress under my leadership than any other. >> bill: did you study who signed the bill and why it wasn't signed by corzine or christie so far? do you see why it wasn't? i think the people want to know what holds t up. >> listen, it's moving forward. i have spoken to the governor. >> bill: you don't know? >> listen, i'm not going to throw people -- throw names out and say it's this person's fault or that person's fault.
8:27 pm
the most important thing is that we get it done, bill. >> bill: when are you going to get it done. >> hopefully we have a committee hearing in september. in fact, i would love for you to come and testify at this hearing. >> bill: you don't need me. >> listen,. >> bill: no, no, no, it's helpful to raise the profile of the issue because once it passes my house it has got to get passed in the assembly. >> assembly already says going to do it and governor says is he going to sign it bill when did they say. >> bill: last weaning. if there is any delay you call me and i will come down. >> come down it's a good issue and should be worked on. >> bill: all right. basically what we have in our society now is 90% of the people agree with you and me would you say that. >> 95. >> bill: 95. still, there is some kind of power here in new york in new york they don't have it. this goodman guy he would have
8:28 pm
been in out in september if the needs kant come in. we called the governor of the state andrew cuomo just as we called christie. here is an interesting situation. cuomo basically ignores us because he is above talking to pawnk like me. all right. he is not going to talk to me. christie did talk to me. he called me crazy. he will didn't talk to me directly. but he calls everybody crazy, right? so that's a compliment. >> absolutely. >> bill: he did it in affectionate way. bill o'reilly is crazy. at least he is paying attention. but i don't understand why these politicians don't get in front of this and be heros to the kids. i don't get it. >> it's about doing the right thing. listen, i spoke to the governor. is he very much on board with working with me to get this done. bill, the good thing is we are going to get it signed into law. new jersey will be unfortunately what 42nd, 43rd by the time it's done. >> bill: yeah, you will be the 44th state. >> it's unfortunate it's taken so long because, you know something? nationally this should happen. it was a no-brainer to do it
8:29 pm
nationally. >> bill: right. well, you know, you can't federalize child rape because it's a state issue. it's interesting because jersey is a state that has gone liberal. you are a democrat. >> yes, sir. >> bill: gone liberal more liberal in the last 15 years. why is that? >> well, listen, i'm a centralist democrat. in fact some say i'm a conservative democrat. >> bill: you are a working guy. >> i'm a working class guy. i think new jersey is a very moderate state. it's not, like extreme. >> bill: going to go for obama. >> of course. >> bill: he is way ahead. >>, he is way ahead in the state. that doesn't mean it's all the way to the left. i think most the of the people in new jersey are in the middle to be honest with you. >> bill: what is it about new jersey that's changed. >> diversity. >> bill: minority people. >> the diverse if not the most diverse state in the country. we are a melting pot. that doesn't make a bad thing it's a good thing. >> bill: encouraging thing is that even though the profile
8:30 pm
has changed politically, you believe that jersey-ites wants jessica's law and they are behind you. you haven't heard anybody yelling don't do it have you. >> absolutely not. it's absolutely the right thing to do. >> bill: stand up guy for coming in. we appreciate it when you get it done and send a camera down there and make a big deal out of it. >> love to have you. >> bill: strangest moments in factor history. black panther quinnellx. medians getting hammered for mocking president obama. we hope you stay tuned to those reports. building pass, corporate card, verizon 4g lte phone. the global ready one ? yeah, but you won't need... ♪ hajimemashite. hajimemashite. hajimemashite. you guys like football ? thank you so much. i'm stoked. you stoked ? totally. ... and he says, "under the mattress." souse le matelas. ( laughter )
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>> bill: personal story segment tent, we continue with the strangest moments in factor history all this week. we are running them for your viewing benefit because that's the kind of folks we are. one of the most intense interviews we have ever done was with university of south
8:34 pm
florida professor sammy l.orion. after we spoke with him he was arrested and subsequently convicted on terror charges. >> hey, doctor, you know with all due respect i appreciate you coming on the program. if i was the cia i would follow you wherever you went. >> you don't know me. you do don't know me. >> bill: circumstantial evidence. >> if you don't know me you can't judge me. >> bill: i'm not judging you. >> that's what you are saying. we have been looked at and a judge has said that we're not a threat to national security. even the government itself said we are not. >> bill: okay. all right, doctor. i would still shout at -- shadow you. i would go denny's and everyone you went. the fbi did arrest him. a lot of funding going into nefarious. black panther guy quinelx. the term white devils would that be good. >> we're talking about the
8:35 pm
most -- the white man is the devil. and if you don't believe that, trust me, you white folks will do to the real one gets here. >> bill: white devils we will hear that. >> wicked and master of deception. i say in the words of malcolm x if you find any good white people kill them first before they go bad. >> bill: you don't want to kill anybody do you. >> i want to do to your people what have you delighted in doing to us. i want you to treat you the way you have treated us. have you killed our men, our women, and our children and our babies. of course i want to give you the same hell you have given us. >> are you willing to break the law to do that? >> we believe peace, in possible, violence when necessary. >> bill: you just looked at the face of evil right there. finally, on a much lighter note. program that point basketball player dennis rodman entered the no spin zone. >> bill: what was your drug of choice? >> alcohol. >> bill: you were drinking a lot. >> i used to do it because i was bored pretty much.
8:36 pm
>> bill: did you drink when you were playing a lot. >> oh yeah, like a rock star. >> bill: give me a scale on 1 to 10, 10 being the biggest party animal where were you. >> i was in the upper echelon. >> bill: do you regret it? >> no. i don't regret it at all. >> bill: strange moments in factor history continues tomorrow with barney frank and rob blagojevich. come right back comedians fed one liberals attacking them. later the factor tip of the day. this one will save you some money. moments away. the capital one cash rewards card gives you a 50% annual bonus. and everyone likes 50% more [ russian accent ] rubles. eh, eheh, eh, eh. [ brooklyn accent ] 50% more simoleons. [ western accent ] 50% more sawbucks. ♪ [ maine accent ] 50% more clams. it's a lobster, either way. [ male annncer ] the capital one cash rewards card.
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>> bill: thanks for staying with us. i'm bill o'reilly. in the did you see that segment tonight. two interesting sound bites for you. comedians lovitz and deign i can't carvey who made it big on "saturday night live" discussed why left wingers, some of them get angry when president obama is mocked. >> as a comic they went after me for that i put what i thought was a sarcastic joke of the president and peace prize saying you didn't earn that nobel peace prize when i built my business. i was being sarcastic. how do you feel, you know, going after comedians, going after in clubs, you know, you
8:40 pm
say well, like glad or different organizations just because you are a comic doing your stand-up act in a comedy club that doesn't mean it's a joke. i'm saying of course it means it's a joke. you are a comic. you know, you may not like the joke, you may not get a life. but they are going after dayne cook, tracy morgan. how do you feel about that? >> well, i think it's scary and dangerous. i think free speech is probably the coolest thing we have in this country and, again, you can hate speech and dismiss it and then you are allowed to censor it but it's dangerous and scary. >> bill: juliet huddy here to >> welcome to me to analyze. >> bill: lovitz took a lot of heat earlier this year when he says, what did he say again. >> he just basically said that he was talking about the rich and how obama is going after a rich and this is a country where we are supposed to go after the american dream. and a lot of exlettives in the
8:41 pm
meantime. >> bill: he didn't like the recent president obama proclamation that you don't build your own business that everybody helps you do that. and he doesn't like the now bell peace prize because obama dropping the drones on everybody. >> he doesn't like anything. >> bill: the left is now after him lovitz, right. >> i kind of in a weird way think that it's just -- i think there are a lot of the people after lovitz because i think a lot of people have a problem when the president is criticized especially if it's the president. you may not like his political ideology but if you seem like him likeable kind of guy. kind of guy you want to have a beer with? >> you never hear this when the late night guys mock mitt romney. you never hear any of that. >> romney doesn't have that for a lot of people he doesn't have that likability factor. he is sort of -- i mean. >> bill: are you kidding me, huddy? he doesn't give off the warmth and the cool guy thing. >> you make fun of people that do something hypocritical and doesn't make any sense or the policy isn't working.
8:42 pm
>> it looks like in my opinion looks like obama can take a joke. >> bill: let me make even a stronger point. >> please. >> bill: bill clinton they ripped him up. every comedian. >> but, again. >> bill: the left didn't say a word. but with barack obama it's like oh, mother teresa how you can talk about him. and that's the difference. >> little bit of a difference there and name is monica lewenski as well. >> bill: they ripped him on everything. they were after him all day long. >> when it comes down to it in my opinion if you are a person who seems to be kind of cool and hip. they are not as funny to go after. >> bill: okay. i am extremely cool and hip and they go after me all the time. >> i beg to differ on this one. >> bill: don't differ because, look at this, i was at the yankee game the other night with trump. the wave broke out, and roll the tape. >> does one finger count as doing the wave? >> i think he was having fun with it i hate the wave.
8:43 pm
i hate the wave. so i am with him on this. i don't agree politically with a lot he says but that was a political call. >> i like what he did there. at least he was participating. i don't like the wave either. it is so 1980s. can we get another group participation at a big event or something other than the wave? >> bill: it's true i did make a statement with my wave finger. >> with your little -- >> bill: lucky they got that. >> i do agree with those because i love those guys by the way. i do agree the wave is completely dorky. you did act too cool for school. >> bill: you just said i was cool. >> no i said you were not cool. you are absolutely not cool. >> bill: who said i was cool. >> i did. i didn't say that. >> i have seen you and your little jeans when you go out to baseball games. >> look, look. compare the two of us. who is the cooler? who is the cooler guy? trump who does the wave 8 seconds left or me. >> trump goes. >> cool.
8:44 pm
now that's cool. >> bill: yeah. okay. everybody knows. >> you are wonderful and i love you to death. >> bill: juliet huddy, everybody. there she is. adam carolla on deck. he will weigh in the lovitz comments you just heard. and the chick-fil-a controversy. carolla is next.
8:45 pm
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8:47 pm
>> bill: back ever the book segment tonight, adam carolla joins us from los angeles. what did you think of the lovitz carvy segment. you know those guys, right? >> yeah. that's true there is a double standard. >> bill: yeah? >> well, it's hard to make fun, first off, everyone out here leans to the left so you don't make fun of democrats but also is he black so it makes you racist. and most importantly he is not fat,ou know.
8:48 pm
if he he was like christie or somebody, it would be easy. but he is not nailing any interns, he is black, is he a democrat, and he is skinny, so there is not -- he is not a big target and they are going to stir away from him anyway. even when he says stupid things like you didn't start your own business, they tend to agree with the stupid things he says. so, you can't attack his physicality and when he says moronic things they don't even attack that. >> bill: lovitz and carvy on "saturday night live," neither of them are overtly political, in my opinion. i mean, i never saw either of those two guys really delve into into the political arena. but i guess you would assume because they worked on that program "saturday night live" that they probably would have been liberal politically correct guys. my theory is that if -- and miller could probably talk to this better of all. once if you are a liberal and then you turn and you are not
8:49 pm
a liberal anymore, they, oh, the left really really hates that. and i think there is something as far as love vights is concerned involved with that. >> yeah. they don't want any turn coats. i mean, look, it's like scientology. once you are in, you are in. and if you get out they will hunt you down and make your life miserable. >> all right. so that i'm correct on that if you are a proclaimed liberal or perceived to be anthem all of the sudden you are not, then they come after you even harder than they would if you were just a conservative forever. >> yeah, i think. so because they are used to it. i mean, if you are this way, you know, in grade school, then obviously there is nothing to do with you. i mean, tom sell electric has always been some sell sellick. >> how about you, do you get jazzed? you are considered a hip guy you and kimmel hanging around
8:50 pm
going to the viper room or something like that. >> sure, right. yeah. no, i just o.d.d. there last weekend. >> comedy show and being conservative. >> yeah, i do. but it's weird because, well, here is the thing, they are so excited about labeling someone conservative that you can say look, i'm for gay marriage and i'm for, you know, pro-marijuana and pro-everything, and then all you have to say is i don't think we should raise taxes and then go oh well, you and your buddy o'reilly can just goose step right on into the yaf. and it's like. >> sounds like something someone would say to you. >> kimmel told me that last week. >> we are goose stepping. that a boy. now, you brought up the gay marriage thing. chick-fil-a if they do ban chick-fil-a in l.a., carolla,
8:51 pm
hire is my suggestion. along with the chicken nuggets they sell they should sell medical marijuana. so they could get right in. >> smart. yeah, well, first off, there is obviously a ginger issue going on here. first off, it's called boycott. why not girl cot. did you ever think about that? or ms. cot. think about that. there is a gender bias in chick-fil-a? why not dude fillet? more to think about. >> bill: i think chick might be chicken there. >> i don't think you would be right on that. ask one of your producers to look it up. there is a lot of gender issues surrounding this particular topic. obviously they have sold more product in the last 24 hours than they did in the last 24 days, right? >> bill: that's because huckabee has ordered 50,000 tubs of chicken. big vans delivering it here and the governor.
8:52 pm
i don't know how much of that is he consuming, there are a lot of tubs of chicken being ordered by huckabee and ache lights to strike back against the perceived chick-fil-a boycott which, as you said should be called a girl cot. it is insane or ms. cot. i'm just saying let's not assign it genitalia. that's all i'm saying. let's be even-handed here, bill. remember when the people were boycotting were the religious people? it is we're now that we are going after religious people. it's totally been twisted around. we have people, you know what we should do? you know what? hey, mayor of boston, guess who is boycotting boston market come on people. join me in boston market. see how it feels. >> don't have anything to do. >> still pretty sure about my chick and dude thing.
8:53 pm
look t up. >> here is what happened though, originally the far left was going to boycott the churches because they are opposed to gay marriage a lot of them. but then they said we don't go to church anyway. so it wouldn't be, you know, no effect. so now they are going to not eat the chicken and that's where we are today. but you don't -- do you take a side in any of that or do you just mock it from afar? >> well, obviously, i don't care because none of this really amounts to anything. but, when you are the mayor of a large city and you are saying we are not going to grant permits to somebody, that should be grounds for dismissal. i mean, that's unconstitutional. you should be removed from your position if you are making those kinds of proclamations as mayor of a large metropolitan city. that's insanity. >> bill: i think that people should follow your advantage, carolla, your example i should say because you were denied a job at taco bell, which is the
8:54 pm
subject of your new book, but you, i did not hear you call for a boycott or a ms. cot or a girl cot of taco bell because they discriminated against you, wouldn't hire you and you rose above it. and that's what i think should happen here. last word. >> that's right. i polled myself up by my own harachi's. i tried to arrange a bean cot for a while. that didn't take. >> bill: didn't work. >> here i am today literally a millionaire and on the factor. >> bill: and goose stepping with bill o'reilly as jimmy kimmel would put it. >> that's right. >> bill: there you go adam carolla, everybody. new bolder fresher tour alert. miller and i if he ever comes back from vacation will be appearing in austin and houston, texas, austin november 23rd. that is 23rd at the bass concert hall, houston the next day november 24th. hobby center. tickets go on sale tomorrow. they will sell out. we hope you come to see us for a raucous evening.
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>> now, i share your concern, that's why we do the statement each monday. >> you know, nobody's politically correct here, bill. you should know that by now. we do not translate speculation into facts. your opinion is respected, but i can't report it as fact. come on. [chuckles] >> you know, i have never worn a bandana in my life. the closest thing was my davy
8:58 pm
crockett coon skin cap, which was a frightening synthetic fabric. >> what do you think? because the kids love it, i should do it? i have to watch barney the dinosaur and listen to justin bieber -- by your logic. >> just passing along some stuff i think is worthy. i have to say, i am pretty surprised that some factor viewers are so offended by the tip of the day. what is the big deal firecommend a drink in place of soda? or a book i like? it is not like i'm forcing water at your fofoursessing you to drink what i am telling you or read the books.
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